Business Idea

Our long-term goal continues to lead our day to day operation, which is to create LONG TERM SHAREHOLDER VALUE

We will achieve this by continuing to:

  • Carry out very active management
  • Use our in-house experienced team to develop attractive new projects
  • Provide our tenants with high quality functional space
  • To create designs so that future tenants more or less do not have purchase power from grid or gas
  • Working on building relationships with funders
  • Be prepared to repsond quickly to new opportunities
  • Keep contacts with local markets that we work in

In order to expand the business and raise capital, REDAB looked to its Swedish origins, offering ‘handpicked’ investors the opportunity to invest in the company.
The Board of Directors intends to continue this strategy to increase the number of investors in the company. As of May 2016 we have 255 external investors.

Interested in becoming an investor?

Please contact Managing Director CG Petersson.

Redab Properties Plc offers investors 8% on subordinated loan.