Environment Policy

The company’s projects are planned to deliver good indoor environment quality and flexibility in the finished building.

Healthy Buildings International, an independent special consultant, advises pre-project start-up, and then tests the building after completion. Thereafter the occupier is strongly recommended to test the building on a yearly basis at least.

By using raised floors with sheet metal covers and power tracks with metal protection up to the desk modules, no normal power cables are exposed to occupiers. Freestanding uplighters, connected to power tracks in the floor void, are used for lighting.

By using uplighters, reflections from VDU screens are also eliminated. New vertical risers are built outside tenanted areas for both power and information cabling.

Outdoor air supply is managed by CO2 sensors in the extract air to create the right level of outdoor air in the occupied areas.

The concept of healthy buildings has been overseen by Healthy Buildings International since the first World Healthy Building Seminar in Stockholm in 1988.

Maintenance personnel recommended by Redab to the occupiers also have long experience in management of flexible and healthy buildings.

During the 77-79 Farringdon Road London EC1 project further energy saving methods have been developed by using ice storage, direct cooling via Dry-coolers, energy optimising BMS, and Heat Exchangers in (rotating energy saving wheels) Outdoor Airhandlers.

Planned development The Esplanade, Southend on Sea will have a good environmental impact, 57% better than a normal building. Planning departments request is 10%, which is almost 6 times better.

Dividend Policy

No dividend has been paid in previous years and no dividend will be proposed for this year. The majority of each investment is in the loan to the company which pays a yearly interest in arrears. Investors have the option to take this interest in shares in the company in lieu of interest.

Company documentation

Memorandum and Articles of Association, signed accounts by the director, company secretary and auditor and other documents are all available for shareholders to view by appointment at the company’s registered office.

Audited Accounts

A complete set of audited accounts is available at REDAB PROPERTIES PLC offices and is available on request. All documents are in English.

Date of Incorporation

REDAB PROPERTIES PLC was incorporated on 27th October, 1993 and began trading on 14th February 1994. The company is a subsidiary of REDAB PLC. The first company in the REDAB GROUP commenced trading in Sweden on 3rd December 1984.


Assets, loans and shares are all denominated in Pounds Sterling.


The Company continues to benefit from projects in subsidiaries, which include a lot of property repair and capital allowance items which the company will use for depreciation before declaring profit for taxation.

These high figures are achieved because of the company policy and design concept for office buildings with multi-use raised floors and plug in services.